Who has a boat in Denver

Boat Drinks, you may have seen on the title of this blog. It’s Saturday night, I’m drinking wine with my man friend who is working on a pitch for a film company. I’m watching one of my all time favorite films, Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead. If I could only find my own Jimmy the saint. Tortured and tragic but inflamed and afire. And Walken in this thing is brilliant.

I’m drinking some wine and working on Erica Knight’s Classic Knits first pattern, the cabled scarf. I was working on it this morning while I was getting a mani/pedi, and a woman said – Is this the tree of life? I was taken aback. It IS. Go figure. I’m trying ot tie this to the film but straining. I will just enjoy the film in a creepy way. While drinking and knitting. I wish someone would pay me to do these things instead of my real job. I’m so much better at this…or at least I enjoy it more.

And have I forgotten about Treat Williams. This was to be his big comeback moment, his Travolta Transitory. Why does this movie make me, ralph Wiggum-like, happy AND sad?

Also, I love Andy Garcia. I really do.

Things to do in Denver When you're Dead
Things to do in Denver When you're Dead


I don’t know ka-ra-te, but I know ka-ray-zay

Possibly the best James Brown line ever, but it’s can also describe my day to day lately. Things are hopefully starting to hit a stride, and thus I’ve made something. Huzzah.

Before I get to le triomphe I must acknowledge le grande poo, which is also le francais, Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard. I totally screwed this one, I used Maalbrigo and size 8s but just didn’t pay attention. Decreasing in seed stitch was more challenging than I thought. And so it looks like ass on a stick.

But then I went to my friend’s house in Long Island, and we spent the day at the beach and played tennis. I spent some time in my own brain and thought about the spot on the wall in between the bedroom and the bathroom (among other spots). Frustrated but still feeling okay, I attacked a new hat pattern. I’m not stuck in a rut! This hat kicked ass, not only because it’s a great pattern, but because it’s a great baby pattern I modified for my own big adult alient head, and it totally worked out. Huge props to Hey Julie, where I found the original bestest earflap hat pattern (I made literally everyone one for the holidays last year).

I’ve filmed the junk cuz I got no camera – but it look real nice!

It resembles Mush Mouth’s hat/headpiece when looking at it not on a person, but when you wear it, it looks normal.

Dumb Donald, who I thought was Mush Mouth
Dumb Donald, who I thought was Mush Mouth

The sleeper awakens

Okay, it’s been a long time since I picked up the needles, and even longer since I categorized it. Basically, I’ve been on a plane for the last month. Usually, plane rides mean lots of knitting, but this time I’ve been knee deep in planning, upfronts and other assorted work nonsense. Taken as a whole it’s been more taxing than anything, although there were some highlights, notably a couple of wild nights Vegas and an evening of weirdness in San Francisco, featuring badly lip synching trannies dancing on tables. And we paid them to do this. Here is a photo of one of the less attractive ladies…one was attractive enough that my hetero male co-workers nodded appreciatively before tucking into another Anchor Steam. This was not that lady:

saggy butt

So without further ado: my current project is finally Le Slouch. I had previously picked up some sale yarn, which I originally thought was so cool and summery and finally decided it was downright ugly (and thus why on sale). This sale yarn was a multicolor hand painted yarn in blue, green and yellow, called Curacao, and I was going to wing a Fitted Knit. However, I forgot that I have no patience for things like measuring and gauge. Oh yes, this was a wank.

So I had/have a ton of Malabrigo. I’ve previously waxed on about how much I love this yarn. It’s soft, pliable, easily knitted, can be doubled without a problem and has a nice variegated tone throughout since it’s kettle dyed. I am using a gorgeous blue, and am about halfway done. I am electing to make Le Slouch Less Slouch, and knitting 4.5″ instead of the full 6″ (which Wendy offers as an option).

Malabrigo Worsted, Jewel Blue

I got some knitting done this weekend. Greg and I rented a place up near Woodstock (but not as expensive). Lovely place, it’s actually for sale. We again went to the incomparable Peekamoose for dinner on Friday night (got there around 9:45, just a couple of minutes before the kitchen closed). Excellent wine, all organic/locally grown foodstuffs. I had an awesome Vidalia onion and local goat cheese tart, my man friend had an incredible hand made gnocchi. My main was a skate wing with bacon lardons (hello) and I elected to skip dessert in favor of a Macallan 12. Tidy. All around great stuff, I highly recommend.


Peekamoose is just up 28 from Phoenicia/Woodland Valley/Shandaken in Big Indian. Dining room closes at 10p, but the bar was open at least until midnight. At least last Friday ­čÖé

Mohair, Mo Problems

Godddamn it, not again. Finished the back panel and left front of the Kelly Cardigan from Erika Knight’s Classic Knits. Things are moving along nicely…except I’m noticing that I still have the right front and both fricking sleeves/shoulders to do with only two balls of yarn left. You’re supposed to knit both together – do they mean I’m supposed to double the yarn? It’s absurd that I should only need 6 balls. I’m not using the called-for mohair but yarn almost exactly the same. Urge to kill growing!

A Yarn Tragedy

Cloud Bolero. A great pattern. Knit well by me! And I ran out of fucking yarn. Ran out of it! And no other place in NYC seems to carry Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk anymore. Fuck a doodle doo.

Serenity now. I went out to a work dinner and had a lovely Malbec and a filet mignon. I’m putting my Cloud Bolero away until I can find my yarn and eat worms. Meanwhile, I might make Le Slouch. Wendy B. rules! Knit and Tonic’s free patterns rule. Yarn tragedies make me sad!

Yarn Over Matter

I’ve moved on…we shan’t talk of Briar Rose unless I’m drunk or much time has passed. The former being a possibility even tonight.

I’m now on Fantasy Pattern #2, Cloud Bolero. And it’s moving along right nice! I’ve never done a ton of yarn over stuff, creating that lacy, open look. But this pattern is full of them. I had a couple of hanks of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, which is so*fine*. I’ve doubled the yarn, since it called for chunky, and it’s so soft and purty. I’m working in a gorgeous almost navy dark blue. Things seem to be moving along!

Debbie Bliss - Alpaca Silk

I’m watching Shadow of the Vampire with my man friend and a glass or eight of McWilliams Shiraz. Kinda brilliant and really funny. Director hires method actor to play Dracula, and he turns outto be a real vampire.

Failure..is an option, nay, it’s my manifest destiny

Briar Rose is complete. If I could just find a little person with Booger McFarland-sized biceps the sweater would be an excellent gift.

How have I really fucked this up? How could I have sincerely f-ed the sweater but make reasonable Booger-sized arms? And the damned baby cables. For 4″! Could I not tell this was a doll-sized garment before I wasted my entire holiday weekend working this nonsense?

It comes down to guage. If I am not prepared to really take into account guage, I have to face this possibility. But I’ve been lucky so many times before!! ARGHHH.

Pics and or vids to come. They’re embarrassing. But I’ll show you.

Update: Ok, ready to show. Not ready to try it on, because it would be like fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat:

So here it is on the floor. My greatest disappointment to date. Le sigh.