Bulk Fiction

One other big project I completed earlier this year was a huge-ass, extremely cozy (at times, downright hot) cardigan from a pattern I found on Ravelry, Kyoko Nakayoshi’s Bobble Cardigan. It’s almost incorbobble_cardiganrect to call it a cardigan, because it’s like wearing a gigantic blanket. It’s a Slanket, no question. But I loved the big shawl collar, and the bobbles were pretty fun to make – oddly enough, I think the bobbles actually took up a decent amount of yarn. I had originally knitted a men’s sweater (the rolled collar pullover from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, thanks again, Joelle), but it was a bit long for Greg, and frankly hot as balls. I knew Greg would never wear it, so I frogged the whole thing and started over with the same yarn.


And perhaps this is my biggest issue, my obsession with Bulky weight yarn. Why do I like it? Am I a lazy knitter? It does knit up quickly, and I like to make throws and cardigans, but I never really like clothing items (or even hats) made from bulky yarn, because they make me look bulky. It’s not good to take on airplanes (or even to a local watering hole where I like to while away an afternoon in the winter), mistakes are spotted easily and it often fuzzes like crazy. Why do I gravitate towards it?

Alors, because: it looks better in the store. That’s it. I see those smaller, stringier yarns…they look small. Not warm. Skimpy. Spindly. Like things I don’t want to knit. Those bulky yarns…they’re voluptuous. Sumptuous. Supple.

I must avoid this temptation, this sinful approach to yarn that will only result in fat, less wearable projects. I solemnly swear, from now until…my 38th birthday, or something…I will not buy any more bulk yarn. It will not make me happy. It will not make me a better knitter. It will not make me voluptuous, sumptuous, or supple. Lord, or rather, Andrew Luck, give me strength!



DUMBO bunnies.

dumboDeja vu? Wishful thinking? No. Return to Paradise, I say. Yes, we’ve enjoyed our adventure on the Left Coast, and now we’re back in Brooklyn, where I think we rightfully belong. At least we feel more welcome, and our friends are here, and we brought a Rocky Dog with us too. I miss Ryan, Alexa, Diane, Bonni, and Colby, and that is roughly it. We gave it the old college try, and I’m glad we did. But more glad that we’re back.

And we now live in DUMBO, which to me for many years was frankly a wasteland.

Truth be told, we’ve lived here already for a year plus, I just haven’t updated this poor blog since then. Still feeling great about Brooklyn, save for one big change: we lost our sweet old Rocky dog in August 2014. It’s hard to talk about or even write about, but his battle with cancer and ultimately a bad pneumonia was too much for that gentle soul. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him.  I’m hoping to convince Greg to adopt another grey muzzle labbie, androcky hope to have him convinced by spring. I think it’s the best way to honor Rocky’s memory.

And we are working through that loss…one way, of course, is indulging in my favorite, expensive hobby of knitting. I’ve started a number of projects, and finished a handful – notably some more Old Fashioned Toys from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts, for all the babies my friends seem to be having. They’re fun, cute, somewhat challenging and make a great gift.

And the toys – and the babies, and the friends, and the wine and all the other awesome things in life – help a lot. Here’s to more of those wonderful things, people and experiences – and I’m going to promise to get better about knitting (and posting, so I can remember what the heck I just knitted). And to remember my pup, too.  We miss you every day, buddy. You were a Good Dog.