Yarn Over Matter

I’ve moved on…we shan’t talk of Briar Rose unless I’m drunk or much time has passed. The former being a possibility even tonight.

I’m now on Fantasy Pattern #2, Cloud Bolero. And it’s moving along right nice! I’ve never done a ton of yarn over stuff, creating that lacy, open look. But this pattern is full of them. I had a couple of hanks of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, which is so*fine*. I’ve doubled the yarn, since it called for chunky, and it’s so soft and purty. I’m working in a gorgeous almost navy dark blue. Things seem to be moving along!

Debbie Bliss - Alpaca Silk

I’m watching Shadow of the Vampire with my man friend and a glass or eight of McWilliams Shiraz. Kinda brilliant and really funny. Director hires method actor to play Dracula, and he turns outto be a real vampire.

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