Knitting on a whirlwind tour of holiday insanity

Feliz navidad…what to do with a entire week free from work (well mostly free)? Watch movies, spend time with family, eat wheels of brie, drink excessive amounts of wine and champagne, and relax with some projects.

I finished a mitten set (which I left in Indianapolis), a hat for Greer (knitted entirely on Christmas Day) and started on my Ysolda Briar Rose sweater. I’ve finished the bottom body portion, which is knit with short rows. I think I did it okay, and I’m now seeing the point of short rows: it makes a groovy little curve within a long piece. I’ve finished and then joined the first sleeve, which took me a good ten minutes of studying the piece before I figured it out. Sometimes I am not that smart. We’ll see how the rest of it goes!

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