I don’t know ka-ra-te, but I know ka-ray-zay

Possibly the best James Brown line ever, but it’s can also describe my day to day lately. Things are hopefully starting to hit a stride, and thus I’ve made something. Huzzah.

Before I get to le triomphe I must acknowledge le grande poo, which is also le francais, Le Slouch by Wendy Bernard. I totally screwed this one, I used Maalbrigo and size 8s but just didn’t pay attention. Decreasing in seed stitch was more challenging than I thought. And so it looks like ass on a stick.

But then I went to my friend’s house in Long Island, and we spent the day at the beach and played tennis. I spent some time in my own brain and thought about the spot on the wall in between the bedroom and the bathroom (among other spots). Frustrated but still feeling okay, I attacked a new hat pattern. I’m not stuck in a rut! This hat kicked ass, not only because it’s a great pattern, but because it’s a great baby pattern I modified for my own big adult alient head, and it totally worked out. Huge props to Hey Julie, where I found the original bestest earflap hat pattern (I made literally everyone one for the holidays last year).

I’ve filmed the junk cuz I got no camera – but it look real nice!

It resembles Mush Mouth’s hat/headpiece when looking at it not on a person, but when you wear it, it looks normal.

Dumb Donald, who I thought was Mush Mouth
Dumb Donald, who I thought was Mush Mouth

One thought on “I don’t know ka-ra-te, but I know ka-ray-zay

  1. hey! so, just how would you suggest a guy modify this for a rather large adult head? could it simply be a matter of figuring out how many stitches i need to get around my head and then scaling the original stitch quantities as needed?


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