About Knits and Ass

I’m an amateur knitter, labrador mom, and connoisseur of British crime procedurals.

Also, despite the name, there’s very little ass here, unless I’m talking about how that homemade french onion dip – one of my many vices – has made my ass get even larger. So sorry, I just thought it was a funny blog name.

I’m an ok knitter, but want to get better. This blog aims to document my projects, the hits and misses, and again the best of British crime procedurals. Some American ones too. Sometimes the Swedish have good ones. And don’t forget the French. But also (see below) British ladies who do great flowers, light violence and amazing accents (omg they refer to it as cozy mystery) (h/t Karen Kilgariff, another member of a favorite true crime duo, My Favorite Murder) (#SSDGM) (Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundum).