Eyes are bigger than my…hands?

My man-friend always comments/complains that my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and we consistently over-order at restaurants. I do my best work at tapas, korean and sushi spots, which specialize in small plates and little tastes of things. At Peter Luger’s, I’ve unfortunately been known to plow through creamed spinach, bread, mashed taters, caesar salad, and bacon slabs before even considering my porterhouse.

Likewise: I’m plowing through Briar Rose, and now more fantasy patterns come to light Do I have knitting ADD?

Want: Ysolda’s Gretel beret. So cute! Not sure if my noggin could swing it, but I like it. Want: Ysolda’s FREE pattern, Cloud Bolero.

Cloud Bolero

Bah…must finish existing projects! It kinda felt good to finish those mittens over Christmas, even though I finished them in a larger needle size and are thus a bit mismatched.

All this happening with the background of Episode 7 of the New York documentary. Truly a riveting, enjoyable doc. This is the ep of the’50’s and ’60’s. Jane Jacobs is the hero, and she’s going head to head with Robert Moses, who is pretty much the devil. Love this.

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