Still trapped under something heavy? Like a pandemic, maybe. Or these blankets.

Six weeks, I told myself (and anyone else who would listen). It will be over in 6 weeks. It’s now been 7 months. It was chilly and fire-worthy when we got here in March, and now summer has come and gone and it’s again chilly and fire-worthy. Despite having a commute from one room to another, I still somehow managed to be busy (and neglecting my knitting) – that is, until my We Are Knitters kit came in. Maybe I’m lazy, but the kits 1) make it way easier to ensure you’re getting the same lot of yarn 2) that you have enough yarn and 3) helps me focus on a single project – more or less, since I always have roughly 3 projects going at any given time.

The first two projects were easy blankets. Kits arrive in a very cute (if heavy-duty) brown paper bag. The yarn used was super bulky, and it’s pretty good quality. Although does tend to get a little fuzzy, but I think that’s kind of true with most super bulky yarns in my experience.

The first one I did was the larger gray one with a simple crosshatch pattern. Called the No. 4 blanket, it knitted fast and the pattern is pretty easy. I was very uncreative and went with the same shade featured in the pattern, but WAK has a pretty nice selection. If you squint really hard, you can also see some Bruce fur knitted directly into the blanket! He’s just the most adorable part of the process.

The second one was in some ways even easier – just a series of bobbles called the Bobble blanket. It always takes me a few tries to nail the bobble, but then it’s like riding a bike. I was tempted to pick the hot pink in the pattern sample, but opted for Black Tweed, which is a nice off-black with little tufts of color throughout it. When you’ve got a black dog who enjoys furniture and snuggling, you make some specific yarn (and couch upholstery) choices.

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