Showcase showdown

I have all this stuff! That’s like, completed and junk. I’ve recently been empowered by new job opportunities that have just fell in my lap, so that my current work situation seems less dire. With that, I’ve begun to spend my evenings with a little bit of knitting instead of the consistent fretting.

I completed Le Slouch a few weeks ago. Despite not really understanding how to decrease in moss stitch so that you don’t get the same stitch next to one another, it turned out kinda fly! I would wear it, but maybe not give it to someone else:

Two: I completed a shortened version of the cable scarf from Erika Knight’s Classic Knits. I used a pretty Sundara worsted in Camel. It has a cool split in the scarf, making it sort of a necker (or so I’ve seen it called). The term Necker makes me think of Neck Face, a graffiti artist who has worked in Brooklyn. I kept thinking that Neck Face was some sort of cultural term, possibly sexual, that I just didn’t get when I rolled off the turnip truck ten years ago and arrived in New York City. Turns out it’s fairly innocuous, even if the real Neck Face is not.

Neckface Begins
Neckface Begins

And finally – the winner of the completed objects July showcase showdown is: the Head Huggers Amelia Earhart hat! I got some Sublime Angora Merino on sale at Stitch Therapy in a gorgeous purple, shade 43. It’s soft and a little fuzzy; I knitted it exactly as the pattern dictated and it came out slightly bigger than expected but stilln workabel. Good to keep in mind for my friends with giant noggins: Devon, Ed, my pops. Video to come shortly. I may have to feature myself as a model. I’m that pleased with it. Or I’m a little drunkie. A nice salesperson gave me a 2006 Cakebread Chardonnay and it’s simply delightful.

An aside: I’m watching Demolition Man. Starring a very young Sandra Bullock and Stallone (of course). It’s a horribly awesomely bad movie. Apparently when they unfroze Stallone, they downloaded a knitting application in his brain and he just knit Sandy a cable sweater.

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