New fantasy patterns

Easier Amelia Earhart capMaybe I should just freaking knit the stuff I’ve bought yarn for. However, when on supremely boring conference calls, I troll the internets for new stuff. And thus, I’ve found New Fantasy Patterns. Probably I’ll never knit them, but it’s good to dream.

For a long time I wanted to make this Amelia Earhart cap, it was this groovy retro looking thing in a weird rib worked back and forth. It looked too complicated for me, but here’s one that’s more my speed. And it has a flower! Which I can’t do! Because it’s in Dutch, isn’t that weird? But no, there’s English instructions and I think I’m just going to use a free knit pattern for a fleur.

And then there’s this cool Anthropologie-inspired capelet. Making this means I have to find a cool sparkly to bring it all together. As Dom DeLuise said in The Secret of Nimh, “Thparkly!!”

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